4 elements of a beautiful and functional restaurant design

4 elements of a beautiful and functional restaurant design
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When planning your restaurant design, of course, you want a beautiful layout. The visual aspect is also a way of conveying your business concept. But before you start seeing all possible colour palettes and a long to-do list, take a look at these 4 elements of a beautiful and functional restaurant design.

  1. A design that makes the kitchen workflow easier

If the design is aligned with food preparation and other operations of your restaurant, the workflow will be much easier. From the sink to the disposition of the tables: a functional design can help a lot to optimize the time needed to:

  • take orders
  • prepare the food
  • serve the customer
  • and also keep the workplace safe and comfortable for everyone

So a good way to start is to define your restaurant workflow and the service style. For example, what are the common tasks to produce the food? What is your service style: buffet, plated, cafeteria, family-style? What are the common questions about the order that can be included in the menu?

  1. A furniture aligned with the concept of your restaurant

The comfort of the table furniture can influence if the client will stay for a long or a short time. Did you ever wonder why the fast food businesses have a typical plastic furniture? Something not so comfortable, right? Because the purpose is a fast turnover. People don’t stay long so they don’t need the most comfortable seats.

On the other hand, a dining restaurant is normally filled with wide and comfortable seats. A place where the customers can take their time to order, appreciate the room, the paintings on the wall and enjoy the conversation along with a delicious and refined cuisine.

So it’s important to define your restaurant concept: are you a casual type, fast turnover or do you plan to work with something like a dining style? This will determine how comfortable your furniture needs to be.

  1. Lightning to relax and make your guests comfortable

People worry about how they look. That’s a fact, especially for women. So there’s nothing worse than light bulbs placed right above the customer’s head, creating all types of shadow. This could have a negative impact on the client opinion.

But using the right lightning is not so difficult as you may think. The purpose of the lights is not only the illumination. An strategic lightning can actually relax the customers and make them feel more comfortable. As a consequence, their experience will be improved and you can get positive feedback about your restaurant.

  1. A staff uniform that translates your brand

Even though it doesn’t seem so important, the staff uniform design will give an impression about your business. For example, formal restaurants can have waiter/waitress with ties. Candy shops tend to use more colourful uniforms. And besides that, the uniforms can have the same colours of your logo, if it’s suitable.

And if you are looking for a designer to work on your restaurant project, you can find an experienced and innovative team here at Dawnvale. We’re ready to fit your kitchen, bar and every space of your restaurant, creating a beautiful and functional design.

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