Buying Considerations and Tips for Gold Earrings

Buying Considerations and Tips for Gold Earrings
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Gold ornaments are a woman’s best friend. They give her a stunning look and augment her beauty. But if earrings are not chosen properly they could have an inverse effect and thus (almost) make a mockery of the girl wearing them. Thus, one must carefully consider the following factors before choosing to buy earrings:

  • Occasion: The reason driving you to purchase a pair of earrings must be addressed first. For instance, if you are buying earrings for daily use, you can go for something economical. However, if you are looking to buy earrings for a party or a wedding, go for something stylish, even if you need to spend a few extra bucks on it.

  • Face shape and hairstyles: Identify your face shape and hairstyle and then choose your earrings. You can directly ask the salesperson to showcase earrings matching your face or get hints from your loved ones as to the kind of earrings that suit you best. For instance, round faced girls dazzle when they wear long earrings and women with heart-shaped face rock dangly earrings.

  • Styles: Your personal style should dictate your choice of earrings. Rose gold is a popular choice as is shining yellow gold. Look at the styles from jhumkis to chains, ear cuffs, hoops and studs. Choose one you like or one which will go with your dress. Don’t be afraid to pair jhumkis with a tee or hoops with a saree.

  • Size: Size plays a crucial role in the makeup of a pair of perfect earrings. You can choose earrings that graze your shoulders or tiny ones if the occasion is a sedate one. Remember, a stud with a large, clear diamond will get more attention than a large dangler.

  • Clip-on vs pierced: There’s a popular myth that clip-on earrings are more prone to be lost compared to their pierced counterparts. However, if you feel clip-on earrings are the best-fit for you, go for it. Clip them on properly so as not to lose it. And those who are comfortable with pierced earrings there is no reason for you to change, unless you find a marvelous piece of earring, available only in the clip-on version.  

  • Value for money: Finally, the most important factor to be considered is your budget. What is the best you can buy with the available budget must be analyzed. Scrutinize all the features of your earrings like the purity of the gold, BIS hallmark certification, buy-back value, warranty period and the maximum discount offered and come out with your pick of a pair that has the highest number of features and is available at the lowest cost.

Buying gold ornaments is everyone’s dream. You work hard to earn these glittering jewels. But when you go out to buy these ornaments, selecting the best earring should not be an uphill task.

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