Car Rental in Frankfurt: 5 Main Tips and Advice

Car Rental in Frankfurt: 5 Main Tips and Advice
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Car rental in Frankfurt is easy to get just like in many other cities in Europe. However, things can go wrong if you fail to do some homework on the whole process. Nothing could be more annoying than planning a vacation and then end up disappointed in the last minute by the services of the rental agency. This can arise especially if you’re from an English speaking country and not very well conversant with the German language. So to avoid unnecessary frustrations, here are 5 tips that can ease the process of acquiring a car.

1.    Search before arrival

It’s advisable that you search before setting off on your journey and have your car ready for you in advance. There are numerous advantages of doing this including getting better rates and the feeling of relaxation knowing that your commuting needs are already taken care of and there’ll be no hassle once you arrive. You can take advantage of the Internet and do a thorough research on different companies before making the final renting decision.

2.    Driver requirements

To drive a car in Frankfurt or Germany as a whole, the law requires you have a valid driver’s license from your home country. Without it, no rental company will rent their car to you. Alternatively, you can also get an international driving license which is acceptable in many countries although it’s not a requirement in Germany. It’s also inexpensive to acquire one.

3.    Check out for hidden charges

Failure to do this may result in further financial expenditure as some companies may not be clear on what the rental price does and doesn’t include. Such cases have been reported and the hidden charges may come in form of extra things you may require like baby seats or extra insurance and waivers. You should, therefore, ask your rental agent everything that may likely cost you further like travel restrictions, cancellation policies, and local charges.

4.    Insurance

When you rent a car, the company is entrusting you with an asset worth thousands of dollars and being the owners, they require their property back with its value intact. To be on the safe side, be sure to inquire about your liability in case of eventualities like theft or accidents. Be sure to know the extent of your liability and the company’s responsibility. This way, you won’t be surprised by any measures taken when the unknown happens.

5.    Avoid airport delivery

Even though the airport is the most convenient place to pick your car, in actuality it’s the last place you want to pick it. This because starting your rental at the airport is likely to cost you an extra 20% in tax and since you want to keep your costs at a minimum, it’s best to have your car dropped at your hotel or another location.

In conclusion, we can say that the difference between a pleasant experience and one full of fraught and frustrations is dependent on the beforehand information you have. Information is power and it will help you make the right decision. The above tips can be used as a reliable source of that information.

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