Do You Trust Your Teen in Getting a Driver’s License?

Do You Trust Your Teen in Getting a Driver’s License?
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When you have one or more teens, there’s a good chance they will want to get their driver’s licenses sooner than later.

So, will you trust them with getting a license and ending up behind the wheel one day?

If the answer is no, what steps will you take so that they can gain your trust?

In the event the answer is yes, what measures should you move ahead with to make things as safe as possible?

Will Your Teenager Abide By the Rules of the Road?

In doing your best to make sure your teenager is as safe as can be out on the roads, keep these pointers in mind:

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  1. Being responsible – To start, you want your teen to be as responsible as possible when behind the wheel. This means focusing on the mission at hand, getting from one point to another in a safe manner. If your teen has had issues with responsibility in the past, getting a license now may not be the best thing going.
  1. Tickets can happen – While you’d prefer your teen never gets a ticket, you do not have as much control over that. With that being the case, if your kid gets cited while driving or is in an accident deemed their fault, take action. By going to traffic school, your teen can learn what they did wrong and in all hopes never repeat it again. Even if they got their license not that long ago, traffic school can provide a good refresher course. You may even decide you want to freshen up your driving knowledge by taking a course or two. Remember, the more knowledge and skills, the lower the odds of accidents and citations.
  1. Know who they hang with – Even though you can’t watch your teen 24/7, you should have a good idea of who they hang with. That said are they hanging out with one or more individuals who could cause them harm when driving? Such a person or persons could be distracting them when behind the wheel. They might also encourage them to be reckless when driving. Make it clear to your kid that the car or truck is not a place to party and be reckless.
  1. Vehicle safety matters – Last, do you trust the vehicle your teen will be driving? If you let them use the family car or truck, make sure it is getting regular maintenance check-ups. In the event you opt to buy them a used vehicle, be sure you check out the prospective vehicle. The last thing you want on your hands is a lemon that can put your kid and others in danger.

Like you learn from your driving mistakes over time, make sure your teen does too.

If he or she is responsible enough to drive, encourage them to.

In the event they have their license but are not heeding the rules of being a safe driver, sit them down and have a talk.

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