Holistic Approach towards medical marijuana

Holistic Approach towards medical marijuana
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People around the world are retracing the steps back to holistic medicine and therapies rather than just the modern medicines, in the hope of seeking and finding a better and more effective solution to the problems. Marijuana seeds in the USA have been treated as a complementary medicine for several diseases and disorders for quite some time now. Ailments like epilepsy, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, nausea, depression and many other chronic diseases and psycho-somatic disorders benefit from the effect of marijuana.

But we often overlook the impact it can have in the holistic treatment of ailments. Society nowadays calls it as an “alternative” medicine, but we tend to forget that before chemical medicines and pharmaceuticals, it was the herbs and plants that were used to create cures and remedies for all diseases.

What is a holistic approach towards medicine?

A holistic approach is more like a lifestyle choice than a set of prescribed medicines and therapies for a specific period. It is a proven fact that the mind, body and sometimes the spiritual aspect of one individual are bound together, and they are collectively responsible for any outcome, be it an ailment or the healing from it. Thus holistic healing addresses the physical, emotional and psychological health of a person, and then heals them from within. In contrary to pharmaceutical medicine, the goal of the concept of holism is not to fight the problem but to heal the body.

How does marijuana fit into the holistic approach?

The cannabinoids and THC chemical present in marijuana help in treating a whole lot of diseases and disorders that we know of, in varying degrees. From its basic job of pain-relief and relaxation of nerves to the most critical diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s, Mary Jane can get you through a lot.

But instead of taking the cannabis seeds all by itself or coupling them with the traditional medicines, the holistic approach can help you heal better and quicker. There have been many types of research and the subsequent outcomes of how exactly cannabis is helpful in healing. One of the best results yielded is that the compounds in marijuana seeds can control the survival and death of cells. It can perform cellular proliferation which induces cellular apoptosis. This is the property that makes cannabis a great possible remedy for cancer. It is becoming a more popular practice every passing day, thanks to the marijuana oils and marijuana seeds for sale in the legal states.

But in terms of holistic medicine, cannabinoids trigger a reaction called homeostasis in the cells, which is creating a balance right at the core building blocks of our bodies.

How does holistic medicine infuse marijuana?

Holistic approach involves a whole lot of other practices, and together with marijuana, it helps the person on a comprehensive level and triggers a full body healing. In case of pain, exercise, acupuncture or chiropractic treatment along with marijuana should work best, while in case of depression or anxiety, psychological therapy sessions, positive habits and counselling will come handy. Similarly, in case of all other ailments, certain basic practices are to be done by the patients to get the best results.

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