How to use the phone app for recharge

How to use the phone app for recharge
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The myAirtel app is the best solution for those racing against time (and their own forgetfulness) and who wish to recharge their phone connections.

Mankind is known for its ability to think and come up with solutions to ease everyday life. While most solutions comprise simple hacks, the greatest inventions (like the television, telephone and long distance communication) have been the products of a spirit of experiment and genius.

So every time there is a need to find a solution for a pressing problem, you can be sure that somebody somewhere in the world is already working on it. Take, for instance, the problem people had of recharging their prepaid phone connections. The earliest solution was to scratch a card, fill in the prepaid code underneath and keep the connection active. Later, you could ‘call in’ the prepaid recharge over the phone. Today, it is possible to do the online recharge of the prepaid phone connection within just a few minutes!

Online recharge technology enables you to complete the recharge from anywhere, using the service provider’s website or smartphone app. While a few might prefer to do the recharge over their computers, you would agree that it is much better to do it on the go using your smartphone. Just download the service provider’s app on your phone and get started.

If you’re an Airtel prepaid user, it is really simple to do the online recharge on the myAirtel app. Just follow these steps:

* Start by installing the myAirtel app on your phone. The myAirtel app is your gateway to online recharge for phone and DTH, as also bill payment for utilities, postpaid connection, broadband, etc. Even non-Airtel subscribers can use the app to do bill payment for utilities in just a few steps.

* Now that you have installed the myAirtel app on your smartphone (it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or iTunes), you can start using it right away.

* Look for ‘Prepaid recharge’ on the home screen of the myAirtel app. Click on it. The page will now ask for these details: Your name and10-digit Airtel phone number. Below this, you can see the balance available on the prepaid plan.

* You can also check the quick recharge options listed on the page, to facilitate an even quicker online recharge. Else, you can input the specific recharge amount manually.

* Choose between three payment options: Airtel Money, debit/credit cards, or net banking. Once you choose the right option, click on ‘Recharge now’. Next, input the amount of money you wish to pay for the online recharge. You have now completed the recharge process and are free to use the connection as you always do.

Be sure to do the online recharge on time to avoid suspension or disconnection of services.

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