Is your restaurant functional?

Is your restaurant functional?
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Setting up a restaurant takes a lot of time and patience as well as a great deal of work, commitment and money. But when finished a restaurant does not always realise its full potential, even after the most careful planning and preparation. To achieve its full potential a restaurant must be fully functional. Here are some areas to be considered when assessing whether or not a restaurant is fully functioning and working to its full capacity.

Customer throughput

It makes sense to use the number of customers a restaurant caters for on a daily basis as a measure of success; after all, the aim of any restaurant is to generate enough business to not only survive but be profitable. However, throughput and functionality may be slightly different things. A restaurant may generate a lot of business and have a high turnover of customers, but may still not be functioning as well as it potentially could.

The elements of functionality

In order to function at its peak a restaurant will need to not only be comfortable and pleasant for its customers; it will also need to be a safe, comfortable and efficient place for its employees to do their job. From the design and layout of the kitchen and dining area to the location of facilities and placement of tables, every element needs to be planned in order to make the whole come together and function perfectly.

Floor planning

It can be tempting to fit in as many tables and chairs as possible in order to cater for the maximum amount of customers but this may prove counter-productive. A crowded dining area is less appealing to some customers who may want space around them. There is also the issue of noise to be considered as well as the all-important issue of how easily food can be served and tables cleared. Staff need to move quickly and unobtrusively in order to serve meals and clear tables after customers leave and they will not be able to do so easily if there is little space for them to move.

Kitchen layout

Just as the restaurant dining area needs to be set out to enable staff to work efficiently so too does the kitchen. A kitchen that is cramped or has appliances spaced inappropriately will make the work of kitchen staff more difficult.


The placement of customer and staff facilities such as lavatories and baby changing areas can sometimes come as an after-thought or be dictated by existing locations. Care should be taken to ensure that these are placed appropriately. They should be discreet and clearly not be difficult for anyone to access, whether customer or staff member.

Use help

Getting all of the elements in a restaurant right can be daunting and for some it may not be achievable without outside help. A company such as

Dawnvale can save time and money and help to ensure that a restaurant really is functional and is achieving its full potential.

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