Top 3 Salzburg Christmas Markets With Beautiful Scenery

Top 3 Salzburg Christmas Markets With Beautiful Scenery
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Christmas is getting closer and closer, and we know that if you want to plan a trip to a foreign city, you have to take it up one notch and start planning quite early on. For example, if you want to visit Salzburg during Christmas, then you must know which the best Christmas markets that you can visit are.

When we say Christmas markets in Salzburg, we mean beautiful scenery, sweets, city lights, decorations, and basically the entire Spirit of Christmas in one place – ready to give you the emotions you have experienced since childhood.

Therefore, jump in your transfer from Salzburg airport and get ready to rediscover the magic of Christmas!

Adventzauber, Hellbrunn Palace

Probably the most amazing thing about this Christmas market is the fact that it is located in the courtyard of the castle itself – definitely a sight you don’t want to miss during Christmas.

Everything here looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale – the beautifully decorated wooden stalls where you can find craft items and Christmas decorations give the impression of those old times when Christmas looked like it should.

The Adventzauber Christmas market can be found outside the city, but the trip there is worth it. When it comes to events, every single member of your family will find their place here. For example, you can gather around the fire and listen to your favorite or even new fairy tales.

Moreover, your children will have a good time learning how to bake Austrian cookies if they want to take part in the cooking classes that are being held in this market. You can also find a zoo here, enjoy a ride on a reindeer sleigh, and gaze at the Christmas train and post office – in case there’s that one last letter that has to be sent, right?

Weihnachtsmarkt, Mirabellplatz

This Christmas market can be found in the front of the Mirabell Palace, overlooking its beautiful gardens – which are much more beautiful in winter, covered by snow and by Christmas lights.

The market may be a bit small, but it sure has a lot to offer to any curious tourists. It is a place where you can eat and drink well, but also buy decorations and other specific items.

For example, you can try the famous caramelized apples or give the orange punch a try; baked potatoes and roasted sausages are in the menu as well and, to wash it all down, have a sip of mulled wine – and done, you are ready to visit the stalls and buy some souvenirs, such as clothes, dolls, sweets, Christmas decorations, and terracotta objects.


On Domplatz and Residenzplatz, in the historical center of Salzburg, you can find Christkindlmarkt – but only during Christmas, of course. Every year, this area of Salzburg, like many other areas, gets filled with lights and plenty of Christmas aromas and smells for you to feel like a child once more.

We wouldn’t have enough time to tell you of all the things you can buy from the one hundred – approximately – wooden stalls that are placed here every year. Traditional food, wooden toys, local crafts, cookies, and so many more can be found here.

Moreover, you can also hear Christmas carols if you walk through this market on Saturdays – they come from the Carillon Tower and are sung by musicians.

What are you waiting for? Book your Salzburg airport transfer as soon as possible so you can be sure that you will be one of the first people to visit one of these markets!

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