Top Attraction to Experience the Essence of Bali

Top Attraction to Experience the Essence of Bali
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Bali, one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world, is known for consistently winning travel awards. And, it wins those awards for a reason. With its enormous cultural, historical, archaeological and modern tourist attractions, Bali has something to offer to all varieties of travellers. It’s practically not possible to enjoy each and every tourist attraction of Bali in a single trip. So, here we have created a list of top attractions that will give you the essence of the island of Gods.

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Ubud Monkey Forest – This forest, apart from being a natural habitat for hundreds and thousands of Monkeys, is a temple. By visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest, you can experience Bali’s natural beauty, love for wildlife and great inclination towards tradition and culture. Visit the place to experience the uniqueness of Bali. You’ll surely enjoy the company of harmless and playful monkeys.

Uluwatu Temple – This culturally valued temple of Bali is built at the edge of a majestic cliff. Although the temple welcomes its visitors all through the day, the best time to visit it is in the evening. Traditional dance and drama performed by the locals during the sunset is a great resource to learn a lot about tradition and local custom of Bali. So, if you want to get a glimpse of Bali’s traditional soul, visit Uluwatu temple in the evening.

Ubud Art Market – If you wish to take a souvenir back home, Ubud Art Market is the best place to visit. Even if you are not a shopping freak strolling through the art market is a good idea to see Bali’s artistic side. Being cultural and educational hub of Bali, Ubud has lots of attractions for the tourists. In the art market, you can get to see traditional creative art pieces representing the island. You can also find some workshops where you can learn some local arts and get some cooking lessons specially designed for the tourists.

Garuda Wishnu Kencana – This cultural park is the best place to learn about the history, tradition and religious beliefs of Bali. Festival Park, street theatre, exhibition hall, folklore-inspired gigantic statues are some of the ways through which you are introduced to the traditional Balinese culture. You can learn a lot about Bali by visiting Garuda Wishnu Kencana, in an enjoyable and entertaining way.

Kuta Beach – This is the best place in Bali to experience the liveliness of locals getting mingled into the enthusiasm of the visitors. This world-renowned beach has lots of things to offer to its visitors. And, the place does not lose its charm any time from dawn to late night. Balinese foods, shopping and water sports are the few common attractions of the Kuta beach.

Munduk Village – This mountain village built in European architectural style boasts of its greenery, fresh environment, and charming natural beauty. This village is one of the most favourite trekking sites in Bali. The hills, waterfalls and the green environs of the place attract tourists as well as local adventure lovers.

Jimbaran Bay – If you like seafood, visit Jimbaran Bay and you’ll start loving it. The restaurants lining up the Jimbaran Bay serves most fresh seafood you can ever have. This is the best place to get the taste of the Balinese cuisines, especially the seafood. We recommend visiting the place for dinner as most of the restaurants provide candle-lit outdoor seating.

There are lots of tourist attractions other than these, but, by visiting these places, you can get the overall feel of Bali. You can visit other places on your next tour to Bali.       

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