Usha Has Uterine Cancer and Her Family Is Fundraising To Find a Cure

Usha Has Uterine Cancer and Her Family Is Fundraising To Find a Cure
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The first signs of uterine cancer are hard to miss; with pelvic and lower back pain persisting for weeks, and abnormal vaginal bleeding, and often also pain or difficulty with urination. Yet many women normalize these signs and symptoms and at least in India, where citizens don’t have universal health coverage, and postpone their trip to the gynecologist until the discomfort and pain begin to get in the way of ordinary life. Once this trip happens, however, the doctor will usually order a battery of tests, beginning with a transvaginal ultrasound and possibly ending up with a pap smear test to check if there is any cancerous tissue in the woman’s uterine lining, or endometrium, or anywhere else in the reproductive system.

Some women are at a higher risk than others of having uterine cancer, especially those who began menstruating early, those who menopaused late, those who have never given birth, and those who have polycystic ovarian disease. Being at a high risk does not necessarily mean the woman will get uterine cancer; low risk women also get it. Usha was one such woman.

Usha’s cancer was diagnosed when the disease had already reached its terminal stage, and the hardworking and conscientious lady had to quit her job because her fatigue and constant exhaustion would not let her carry out her responsibilities. She was admitted for surgery at the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, where the procedure went well. But for uterine cancer, postoperative care is a complex and decorous process and not to say, an expensive one. The surgery and initial treatment costs have depleted the savings of the Patel family, and Usha’s husband Dharmendra was at his wits’ end as to how he would carry on with Usha’s treatment. This was when someone suggested medical crowdfunding to Dharmendra.

Dharmendra started a cancer crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru and set a target of five lakh rupees. He drew up a fund utilization plan which he included as a part of his fundraiser story, and listed that he would need funds for Hospital bills, postoperative care, doctor’s consultation fees, and to buy the medication Usha will need in the coming months. Already, funds have started trickling in and the fundraiser is being shared by friends of the family on social media, creating a system of outreach for donors outside Dharmendra’s and Usha’s immediate group of friends. And all of this is set in motion without Dharmendra having to invest a single rupee from his pocket.

You too can use crowdfunding to save a life. Start your fundraiser today.

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